Office Administrator

Course Outline

Everyone who works in an office environment knows the important function that the Administrator plays. Administrators are the glue that holds the office together and keeps the everyday functions running smoothly. This position is key in every organization therefore those with this qualification will equip themselves with skills that are essential in any office. Personal Assistants and Office Administrators add significant value to their role and strategies for managing and organising multiple bosses. Administrators learn to identify their bosses shifting priorities without being told, and how-to time-manage their own workload while being part of a team. Administrators also have to use, and often maintain, office equipment, such as faxes, scanners, and printers.

This enjoyable course aims to develop the PA and Office Administrator’s role and skill set while preparing them to stay ahead of the Fourth industrial Revolution (4IR) we are working in.

Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants often see themselves in their support roles as being non – leaders and this is nothing further from the truth. Everybody is a leader – no matter what position you hold.

Directors and Managers want their assistant / administrators to be exceptional since those who are, contribute significantly to their success. Today’s PAs & office Administrators must be extremely competent and totally reliable, capable of taking on wider tasks than those of a purely secretarial nature.
The role of PAs has changed significantly in recent years – the shift in responsibility, the challenges faced, the drivers of change and the need for skills development and training.

Certification(s) Obtained:

  • National Certificate in Information Technology: End User Computing, SAQA ID: 49077, NQF Level 03, 130 Credits
  • Certified Business Professional: Business Communication 
  • Certified Business Professional: Business Etiquette & Professionalism

Training Options:

Lecture based @ campus or Lecture based online


1 Year Full Time

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