3D Printing & Design

Course Outline

The 3D printing markets are expected to grow by 23.5% each year, for the next five years. It is time to get into the 3D printing business. 3D printing is everywhere.
3D printing companies don’t run on engineers and technical people alone.

As the 3D printing industry grows, new and established 3D printing companies will need people to keep the business running smoothly and on the right trajectory. This includes operations and administrative staff, analysts, finance and sales professionals, and retail employees, among others.

Businesses that create products with the use of 3D printing will also have a need for more employment possibilities like marketing, clerical analysis, shipping, etc. We’ve got you covered, providing you with the technical 3D skills and essential business skills required for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Certification(s) Obtained:

  • Certificate of Completion

Training Options:

Lecture based or Lecture based online.



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