Student Computer Courses 

ITCA is dedicated to offering world class training to all our students, to meet the endless demand for certified I.T Professionals in the I.T Industry

ITCA Student Computer Course Offerings

The IT Computer Courses that ITCA Students has to offer are Full Time Computer Courses and include Technical / Networking, Programming and much more. IT Certification Academy offers our Specialist year students IT Work Experience which can be displayed on their CV to demonstrate their ability to put the skills learned, into practice. 

Why Choose ITCA Student Computer Training? 

ITCA Student Computer Courses offers you leading edge computer training available through a variety of computer courses. These computer courses include Microsoft Offical Courseware, National & International Certifications, Trainers with Industry Experience, Small Classes and so much more. 

"80% of all jobs will be related to science, technology, engineering & mathematics by 2020' - Adam Hunter, Popular Mechanic, May 2016