Microsoft Office Training 

It Certification Academy offers Microsoft Office Training to both corporate and private clients. Training includes Introduction to Pc's and the various Microsoft Office suites, for example Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365. Please feel free to read through the information below to get a better understanding as to what we have to offer. By selecting a version at the botton of this page, you will be able to see the training available on the various programs and the levels of training available. 


Why Attend MS Office Training?

In the fast paced world of today, candidates who have attended Microsoft Office training are found to be of more value, productive and more equipped, to handle the day to day tasks, of their relevant business environments. A trained and “competent” staff member is a happy staff member.

Entrance Requirements

Candidates who are not computer literate, or have not been exposed to PC’s previously, will be required to attend the Introduction to PC’s course, before attending any other training, as this is the prerequisite for the more advanced MS Office courses. Thereafter candidates may attend the Core courses and progress accordingly. Should candidates wish to attend an Advanced course or higher, we do have free pre assessments, which we advise candidates to make use of, to ensure they are attending the correct level of training.

Please see the assessment section for further information

Requirements for Onsite Training

ITCA requires a minimum of 8 candidates, in order to provide onsite training. ITCA will provide laptops for the duration of the training and will liaise directly with you, regarding the requirements for the training venue. Travel and accommodation costs, should they apply, will be presented to you in your official quotation, at the time of your enquiry.

Can you Claim Back on Desktop Training?

As the IT Certification Academy is fully accredited with the MICT Seta (Acc 2011/05/137) and the MS Office course material is NQF aligned, companies may definitely claim back their training spend, through their work place skills plan, provided they are paying their Skills Development Levies.