ITCA has a system of assessing the training needs of an individual, as well as pre and post training assessments to measure the progress and improvement of an individual.

This is a great way to see the value of your investment in your employees training.

Online and Manual Pre-Assessments

ITCA offers an electronic Skills Assessment or a manual / paper based Skills

Assessment to measure the level of training required, ensuring the candidate attends the level of training best suited to him / her as an individual. Using this tool, ITCA is able to offer a cost effective training solution.

Our assessments have also proven to be very beneficial to the employer during the recruiting process, to establish computer literacy prior to employment.

Post Assessments

Once the learners have had the opportunity to implement the skills learnt, they are encouraged to do the electronic assessment to establish their new skill level. This gives our client a good idea of the return on investment and helps to define what next level of training and up skilling would be most beneficial. Post Assessments are only conducted on request.

*Manual assessments and electronic assessments are conducted free of charge. Please contact our sales consultants to find out more.