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ITCA - IT Training Industry For Microsoft, CompTIA, MICT Seta, Certified Business Professionals & Corporate upskilling.

ITCA has been a leading South African training provider since 1999. ITCA has realized the need for employees within an organization in South Africa, to be continually and effectively trained, which in the long run, increases the productivity of the company.

After evaluating the market, we became conscious that the industry demands competent, certified IT Professionals. The need for professionals and high school leavers to be trained, and become internationally qualified in the IT Industry in the South African market, has become more crucial. Thus, aligned with the Certified Business professional trainingMicrosoft Office Training, CompTIA Training Courses as well as MICT Seta Courses, we have constructed courses to these demands.


What We Do

We provide a range of training solutions to help people and organizations build their skills, gaining real lasting benefits. This is accomplished with quality, instructor-led training, either at our own well-equipped training facility or through “onsite training” at our client's facilities with either our own or the client's equipment. All our trainers are certified by Microsoft (MCT’s) and have a passion for what they do.

For young students, our focus is to ensure that students are qualified in the most recent and in-demand international certifications, possess hands-on practical work experience, and are equipped with a realistic level of competency, providing them with the best tools to set them up in mainstream careers.

As we have proved over the last 16 years, ITCA has firmly put up its hand, and committed itself to continually setting new standards, in both the corporate and student to business world in South Africa. We believe that the way forward in this competitive industry is to be progressive and adapt as quickly as the industry is changing, giving our students the most advanced certifications available.

Mission Statement

ITCA is committed to building competent, certified, IT professionals who are passionate about their craft and the use of technology as a tool of business. The IT Certification Academy trains IT Professionals to meet the demand in this fast growing industry.